An overview of the changes you are likely to go through when you switch exclusively to ‪#‎electroniccigarettes‬.
Share the love and ‪#‎dreams‬
I consulted senior poskim and the conclusion is that it’s fine to sell them. In the majority of cases it’s for people trying to give up on real cigarettes and this is a tikun/fixing for them.
Hatzlocha! and Dream E-cigs & smoke!

Dream E Cigarrettes and Smokes

How Do Dream™ E-Cigarettes Work?
The Dream™ electronic cigarette releases a mist of relaxing vapor into your lungs made from water, flavoring and Nicotine. As you inhale the pressure your breathing produces in the Dream™ cigarette sends a signal to a microchip inside to heat up some of the Dream™ juice in the cartomizer, as the juice becomes a vapor it is released into your mouth to give you the relaxation you crave. All you have to do is breathe in; no lighting, no ashes, no smell, no worries.
Is Dream™ Really Smokeless?
Yes, Dream™ electronic cigarette are smoke free. Dream™ electronic cigarettes produce vapor, not smoke. Though it looks like smoke, the water vapor disappears in seconds, doesn’t have a strong odor and doesn’t leave your clothes smelling.
How Long Does It Take To…

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