Bd’H Midnightrabbi Tribute to David Gordon A’H and hear him speak of kindness and integrity!

Tribute to a really #inspired -> Sparks of David
<- Happy new sweet year and may we all be remembered for all the times we weren’t on facebook, and were really fulfilling our purpose in Hashem Hamelech’s world together ‪#‎thegiftoflife‬ #tribute

Midnightrabbi Inspires

DDavid Gordon: Death of a Lone Soldieravid Gordon: Death of a Lone Soldier . A tribute to David Menachem Gordon through his own moving words. Thanks to for the article. May the new year begin with a blessing and good sweet news!

by Aaron PoznanskiI sit here sad as I reflect the terrible news of the untimely passing of a friend – David Menachem Gordon.

David was a lone soldier from the U.S. and a corporal with the elite Givati infantry brigade.

He bravely fought in the recent Gaza operation and returned to his base. On Sunday he left his base for dental treatment and after receiving his treatment he disappeared.

Two days ago he was found dead, at age 21,not far from his army base. There is an ongoing investigation regarding the cause of his death. Regardless of the outcome, David’s story is one of courage and one that touched my heart. <-…

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