Keep singing and living in a dark time, until it all turns to light!

Enjoy #Shabbosproject as a Peace filled #unityshabbos, Shabbat Shalom!Contact us direct at and new website for direct counselling references! Midnightrabbi inspired will make a difference to all our future and thanks to J root radio “lets grow together ” hosted by Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger shlita http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.word… you are here! 11 mins at Let’s grow Together – E52 With Mordechai Weinberger LCSW
And Listen to the 22 min 30 sec mark #inspiring Midnightrabbi #inspires really at 3 am phoned in to continue the discussion to make this more reality with your INVESTMENT


Yonatan Razel – יונתן רזאל is beyond live 😀 #inspired!

Keep updated and #fresh in your outlook and #happiness of the gift of life!#Makeadifference

New classes will come but it takes some #investment

Visit the post for more.
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Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith
New website –

Israel – 00972-(0)53-317-5856 & Email – Justin New4You -> Glimpse @midnightrabbi-Relationship-guide you can make reality!Click here -> 4 daily inspiration “2 live Midnightrabbi Inspired” & Midnightrabbi.blogspot

Who is this -> click on pic for link and pics for hints and leave in comments thanks 😀 Midnight (eli goldsmith) Rabbi <- today’s classes!

   follow -> midnight-rabbi on Linkedin! As u make the difference!

No longer consultant at The Jaffa Institute

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Civic & Social Organization industry March 2011 – Present (1 year 8 months) bet shemesh Really inspirational!

 Superhero? Vigilante? Or just plain heroic Jew?

Rabbi Eli Goldsmith describes how he turned into a the kind of Jewish superhero that stays up all hours with young teenagers and students in trouble in Jerusalem Bet Shemesh and Tel Aviv using music as a tool to pick them up into functional successful society etc……..

Firstly, big news- please join our new blogs with some creative contribution to help us all be inspired ! Even newer

Please send an email with your blog post etc… – e.g. for your bands music, cool articles, vids, poems, news, views, umuse… And spread the word please… S These videos themselves will remain with u inspired!

A famous video from the past lol enjoy!

For the full Glimpse into a Happy Relationship Guide!” <- click here

Working in a Rehab in the holy land and looking for more info like <- on 12 steps etc…, please email


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