Another Glimpse “Husband, Wifey happy” the book you can Guide and make reality!

#Purim and #Pesach is a joyous time to share! 😀

The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

The dressing gown and the beads hanging from the door saved their lives!

photo - CopyLet’s go back to the newlyweds 1st nights together. Now we not talking about the beginning mamesh ( yeshivish language meaning really or Betezm = in essence) rather after a few months of marital bliss, the intifada leaving a ruffled pillow feathers, and their bottom line opinion and goal, to stick it out in the holy land no matter what. War planes flying above and rioting calming down between the differing groups. Friends we know well leaving out of fear either of the pending war that never came or the potential bus suicide bombing that unfortunately made destruction apart of life in Jerusalem. However, being newlyweds and determined ones at that, our Husband talks of belief in our loving protective Father above and below, especially when the below Father is helping to pay the rent. Wifey…

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