Lag B’Omer 2015!

Going to Meron, Jerusalem and within? Either way the whole world lights up on Lag Bomer 2015? Moshiach!

The Light within and with out in Jerusalem to be revealed 🙂

Thanks for all the prayers for cholei Yisrael whose are all please G-d on the mend thanks to your support and Baruch Hashem, Hodu L’Hashem kitov “Its good to thank G-d” the real healer!
New vids and pics from lag bomer 2013
R’ Mottel Zilber – Pre-Lag Ba’Omer Hisorerus – Rav Moshe Weinberger
Rav Zilber spoke in English about Sefirah and Lag Ba’Omer. The importance of purifying ourselves in preparation for receiving the Torah. Changing us all!

And Rebbe Shimon’s light with all of us shinning too!Last years pics<- click here! and this years coming soon!


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