Henny Machlis: A Truly Kind life changing inspired Jewish Woman

Talking about kindness and the need for Good news.

I have a special cause very close to my heart and I’m looking for a kind donation from one lucky benefactor of ₪6000, $1800 or £1200 asap.

I have the details on my email umuse613@gmail.com. May we all blessed with abundant blessing in our work, home and all we do #inspired. Sincere hugs From eli and family and friends תשעו בסד

Sincere comfort to the Machlis family and all of us who have been touched by them and weren’t yet meritorious. Big ❤ from Eli Goldsmith and family – 0533175856


Midnightrabbi Inspires

Amazing #inspired people, Rabbi and Rebetzin Machlis Presents​, BDE was at the Shivah today, and we all couldn’t stop crying, as the Avraham and Sarah of our generation are in mourning. I gave over a story or 2 for a new book about Henny Machlis ztl. May there be a comfort to the #Machlis family and all yisrael with kindness and donations of appreciation from us all!
They Changed my life! http://www.machlis.org/

What qualified Henny Machlis, who passed away this past Friday at the age of 58, as one of the world’s greatest Jewish women?

Jerusalemites would say it was her cooking for and serving up to 300 guests every Shabbos in her cramped Jerusalem apartment. The guests – almost 150 for the Shabbat night meal and over 100 for the Shabbat day meal – ranged from curious tourists and university students to lonely widows and singles to drunks…

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