Sincere charity request of Thanks Giving! :)

Thanks giving is a great preparation for Yud Tet Kislev next week #inspired! I hope to be in #Jerusalem for both nights Sunday and Monday #Farbrengens! From Chassidic light comes only truth, peace and eternal light!2015-11-23

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Lots of growth Family and friends with hugs…but I still have a true cause that needs help, so please let me know !

I have a special cause very close to my heart and I’m looking for a kind donation urgently from one lucky benefactor of ₪6000, $1800 or £1200 asap. Even a loan will help right now. May we all blessed with abundant blessing in our work, home and all we do ‪#‎inspired‬.

Sincere hugs From eli and family and friends…

Sincere comfort to the all the family and all of us who have been touched by Kindness…

Sincere regards from Eli Goldsmith +972533175856

About Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eliezer the matchmaker! New classes coming soon and weekly bsd’ ->

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Deal with Tragic times, Inspired with Emunah!

By Midnight Rabbi|November 20th, 2015

With the recent Tragedies we must strengthen our Emunah and Emmes / Emmet = Truth!…

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