Focus on our Goals is our Mission!

If you find yourself affixed to a single path to truth—

the path of prayer and praise,

or the path of kindness and love,

or the path of wisdom and meditation,

or any other path of a singular mode

—you are on the wrong path.

Truth is not at the end of a path.

Truth transcends all paths.

Choose a focused #inspired path. But when you must, take the opposite path as well.

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Intense Focus is the Key to Success with #Emunah!

#Inspired we see we can focus our time and energy so well that we maximize our goals with mission in this world. However, this requires us to know ourselves in a deep inner way. To map out our Mission statement like Stephen Covey teaches so well. Eli Pmusic's photo.To understand our energy comes from a very high source and nutritional well being is crucial to draw this down the correct way. Eli Pmusic's photo.We have Yitzchak Avinu’s example of intense drawing down of blessings through eating in a holy way. This intense focus and self knowledge will bring love of others. The key to this is all is ‪#‎inspiring focus with ‪#‎Emunah‬! New vid coming soon – For now this week and time is all about intense focus. We learn from the greats of today like Tony RobbinsMichael HyattTim Ferriss

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