The Pleasure of the Shabbos Project with #Emunah!

3 Direct ways to Donate and partner with our Children and Class #56 in 2 parts.

Good week and blessings! Hope the #Shabbosproject was #inspired!
New Video coming soon, stay tuned😀
Please don’t let our #Children drive alone, help us keep them #inspired. You help us, their smile and warmth grow – futurespecialeducation. We really have the program to survive the challenges of our day!
Future SpecialEd - FS Education's photo.
Future SpecialEd - FS Education's photo.
  1. Great news on 2 levels for our #children of Future SpecialEd – FS Education!
    Firstly, another kind donation was made today with much appreciation from one of you kind supporters, our partner and friend!
    Secondly, PayPal have now released a PayPal.Me link for Israel which will directly go into our cause in the easy effective direct way for our children. Thanks again and #Donate kindly to this link is the best way to go! Donate Kindly to our Israel PayPal account – Click the new So Please Click here for our most effective direct link – PaypalDonateButton
  2.  Or Donate kindly here please to make a difference right now –  The Future of Special Education – You are helping our Special Children succeed! Now that you’re here after meeting our Future and want to Donate at the new -> Donate Generously! DonateNowActionButton
  3. And / OR Donate with PayPal from anywhere in the world to our Future! –  Please Now!
The program really needs your kind gift and we have already put some kind donations to good use in our programs for our special children at Future SpecialEd – FS Education! For more info read here or contact 
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The Pleasure of the Shabbos Project with #Emunah! #55 part 1.
The Shabbos Project inspires us all the keep and enjoy the Shabbos world-wide. It’s important to show….

 Shabbat UKLike Page

American Jewish rapper Ari Lesser captures the essence of #Shabbat & #ShabbatUK in this rap! Not a bad-looking t-shirt either…


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