Our Children’s Future wish you Happy Purim & #Inspired Passover!

There is a quiet happiness: an inner sense of bliss, the innocent joy of a small child, one of wonderment and gratitude. It is a happiness to carry with you at all times.
Inline image 2Then there are those seasons when happiness blooms for all to see, bursting out in song, in dance, in celebration. A festival, a wedding, a time to feast and rejoice with family and friends.
But the ultimate happiness is the joy of Purim. It is no longer about you, your family, your life. It is about making others laugh, bringing smiles to the weary, celebration to those who feel abandoned, a feast to those who had lost all hope.
It is a season for breaking out of yourself, out of your character, out of all those bounds you have set for yourself—“beyond knowing.”
The light of #Purim knows no bounds. Thanks to Daily Dose from Chabad.com / org
Also #kindness, Dear friends and family, happy #inspired Purim and enjoy 🙂 Here is my cause video we created – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v-fgXOYQ74 appreciate any help to partner this cause and support these special needy #children!

Dear  friends & family, and kind partners in our Children’s future,

Hope this finds you all well and is a pleasure seeing you in Israel last time. I look forward to your visit in 2017 with Simchas!
We are making our 1st Family Bar Mitzvah July 2nd, please G-d this is really exciting! Especially with the charitable Joyous time of Purim, sharing with our children, with the Summer also together, so soon! 🙂

Here is now my cause and new video with UPDATE  <- click here, for 2017 FSE with love, please don’t Passover the opportunity.

1. We are looking for our supporters to donate $54,000 for our whole years of all our children’s afternoon lunch meals i.e. for daily hot nourishing meals for 90 of our 110 students! Your welcome to sponser one child for $600 for the whole year of nourishing meals! (A small percent is paid for by our country and children’s parents, therefore we need $50 per child per month).
So please sponser Yankee or Noah for $600 forDonateNowActionButton the whole year and he can personally send his sincere thanks! Donate at the new PayPal.me -> Donate Generously! 

2. Thank you also for your time and opportunity – to kindly support improving our equipment and facilities to help our children at our registered – charity of Future SpecialEd – FSEducation #Education!

No automatic alt text available.Enclosed distribution program, including costs, for equipment and furniture etc., the official amounts have been applied for with foundations and trusts.
Please click here for full table of costs and any amount from 100 to 1000 sterling will help beyond words. Our goal is to raise 15,000.00 Sterling or a $20,000 donation from the Foundation or supporter will kindly cover 75,000,00 Shekels of costs to improve our equipment and thus service our children better!

Inline image 1For more information please email with thanks – Eli Goldshmit futurespecialeducation@gmail.com Like and view our Facebook page – Future SpecialEd – FSEducation!

So Please Click here for our most effective direct link https://paypal.me/eligold. Or Donate kindly here please to make a difference right now to The Future of Special Education – You are helping our Special Children succeed! 
And / OR Donate with PayPal from anywhere in the world to our Future! So Please Click here for our most effective direct link – PaypalDonateButton

One thought on “Our Children’s Future wish you Happy Purim & #Inspired Passover!

  1. Reblogged this on Kosher Eli and commented:

    Have a #Kosher Freilichin #Puirm and destroy that Chametz with joy 😉
    “Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.”
    Keep growing,
    Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW

    Daily Motivational tweets: @mwmotivation

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