The Nissim Black Ami Article!

Listen to our unity focused podcast: The Unified Business Flow!

76765012-1471-49D7-9960-4F113DBA7582The Unified Guide to finding your Business Flow! I was hired as Consultant and Social Media Manager for A growing Social Media Department! This flows in a revealed way from all my years of working online for nonprofits, businesses, startups, creatives and artists! Allowing oneself to go on a flow to success with even struggles like what happened with a recent accident, turned into a revealing of healing and wholesomeness that fits our Unity Inspires project focus! For consultancy (after 330pm Israel time), collaboration and booking artists email 🙂 #flow #inspired #business #success!!!


The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

One of the main reasons I stopped being an artist’s manager and shifted to being a Booking Agent and Consultant was for Relationships first #familyfirst!

Letter to Ami Magazine Inspiring #NissimBlack interview by Rav Yitzchak Frankfurter! 

Shalom Rav Frankfurter, נ״י

I appreciate your article in the expanded Purim Edition on my good friend and holy bro Nissim Black! It was a merit to assist you setting this up together! 

Awesome interview really felt his beautiful heart and thanks for sharing that loved fill soul of his with such delicate hands 🙂

I have known Nissim Black since 2011 as we were cyber chatting, once I heard about his talented music from some friends (that’s another story worth telling in reference to Shyne etc), and his thirst for Judaism! I was delighted when I heard our many chats had become part of his fruitful journey in his and his…

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