Unity Inspires Booking – Artists, Creatives & Events Updated!

Emuna Tour 2019.jpgExciting new acts, speakers and Emuna TOUR 2019 🙂 and beyond!!! #Inspired #UnityBooking! To Partner – http://www.breslev.co.il/emuna-is-our-future!

Photo credit of Nissim Black to Marko Dashev!
Uman Flier Schedule.jpg
We are looking to partner with all of you and build this Unity Inspires Projects focused Unity Inspires Concert!
In association with many organizations & unity focused people, UIP will make this a Unified World changing collaborative Creative Revolution!
#unityemuna #emunaunity #futuretogether #musicunified!

Unity We Image

Listen here to enjoy our Unity Inspired Flow Podcast and join our Unity Inspires Whatsapp Group!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

One of our latest acts to be signed in our Unity booking agency is Otsar! Happy to be booking for the talented sincere singer and song writer Otsar – אוצר– TBA new songs and shows – for booking & collaborations email unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com
For Unity Booking – the Talented Singer & Hazzan Raphael Ben plz email unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com songs and voice beyond! #CurrentTour #Booknow!
Raphael Ben

Exciting unique new speaker Mordechai Ben Avraham (<- click here for the Jpost Article) available new for Unity booking – email unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com! Hosted and witnessed his story and deep life enhancing message! 

Join our Emuna is our Future Tour beginning Uman Rosh Hashanah 2019 with a Unity Focus and beyond touring North & Central America, to London, to South Africa and much more to be announced!
For Emuna Tour Info, Connection, Collaboration Click here…

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