Our Bar Mitzvah with sincere Thanks to all!

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Truly beyond words, was such fun and #inspired surprise with family at the Jerusalem Kiddush, Kotel putting #Tefilin for the first time as 13-year-old with the blessing of priests 3 generations together! And then our party with family, friends, and Nissim ניסים special guest appearance with his Hit song Hashem Melech at our BY awesome Bar  Mitzvah #holyJerusalem!:) bH Thanks to Adrian Korsnor for the great pics!

And then a small intimate meal with my son’s friends 🙂 Thanks to my soul mate for doing all the hard work! (While passing her #Pilates course B’H)

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Unofficial: Motty Mordechai Steinmetz doesn’t just have a beautiful voice, I truly enjoyed watching his real #inspired video too! Inviting Motty and friends to Unity Inspires Projects!

הצצה אל מאחורי הקלעים של יום בחיי אומן הרגש מוטי שטיינמץ “כל זמן שהנשמה בקרבי מודה אני לפניך”(מתוך תפילת אלוקי נשמה) בנט הפקות וייצוג אמנים מציג: הנשמה בקרבי…

GET INVOLVED, Find out how you can make a difference now!

Email umuse613@gmail.com for info thanks from Eli and fam.

Missing Yeshiva Kids in Eretz Yisroel
Rabbanim here recommend saying Tehillim 121. #inspired by #unity and power of #prayer together… #BringBackOurBoys NOW!

Avinu, Av HaRachaman should protect them and bring them home alive and well very soon!

3 nights ago 3 students of Makor Chaim Yeshiva were kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists. There is currently an massive IDF manhunt underway, and security officials fear the worst. Please pray and recite Tehillim for:
1. Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devora
2. Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim
3. Eyal ben Iris Teshurah
יעקב נפתלי בן רחל דבורה.
גלעד מיכאל בן בת גלים.
אייל בן איריס תשורה  Missing Yeshiva Kids in Eretz Yisroel

Hope i find you all well bs’d, i will not seemingly be on facebook as much in the future due to transitional big news and be apart of our future together thanks!

This is a short clear message to let all my close family and friends and likes here on my #inspired page know, that i’m no longer working for the Jaffa Institute. To thank you all for your support in these past growing years to seek success in the present and future beyond…

Sincere appreciation and all the blessings to you for your kind responses so far…
Eli and family

Please feel free to contact the Midnightrabbi inspires
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A month away almost, ready to come and #inspire with love and holy words from the heart, and would you believe some people in London are interested! A Miracle! Email me now umuse613@gmail.com thanks!

Family will miss me, but we together can make it worth it and inspirational for the London crew! Only simchas, nachus and lots of donations with full hearted support!<3 Click here for more info on the trip and book your time slot already <-

Important to end and begin again the Fortunate way!

A month away almost, ready to come and #inspire with love and holy words from the heart, and would you believe some people in London are interested! A Miracle! Email me now umuse613@gmail.com thanks!

Family will miss me, but we together can make it worth it and inspirational for the London crew! Only simchas, nachus and lots of donations with full hearted support!<3

Click here for more info on the trip and book your time slot already <-

Great news 😀 Looking to host Ari Lesser before the new Jewish year (August to September 2014) 5775 Shemitah tastic 😀 to sponsor the shows and info email umuse613@gmail.com. First up with “the Fortunate ones” before the Shofar blows 5775! <- click here for Ari Lesser 5774 😀 and more!  Great news 😀 Looking to host Ari Lesser before the new Jewish year (August to September 2014) 5775 Shemitah tastic 😀 to sponsor the shows and info email umuse613@gmail.com. First up with “the Fortunate ones” before the Shofar blows 5775! The New crew of Yeshivat Ashreinu <- click here for Ari Lesser 5774 😀 and more!  Blessings and appreciations B’H Check out glimpses of the audio and visual of a great program and Siyum!->midnightrabbi siyum ashreinu <- Great Siyum of Ashreinu 2013/4 to 2015 beyond, with the fortunate ones #inspired for life. All the blessings from the Midnightrabbi and fam. — with Eliezer Goldsmith  (30 photos) Part 2 Inspirational completion 2nd year of Ashreinu, midnighted! <-(44 photos) Lastly Unplugged and unedited version of Ashreinu Siyum 2013/4, thanks!

Great news, Midnightrabbi aka Eli Goldsmith is coming to London July 17th!

Eli will be in London from TLV to LTN Jul 17- till Jul 23 for fam. Bar Mitzvah and more!

Thanks goes to the fam for organizing the weekend of Fam. Goldsmith’s Bar Mitzvah July and bringing me to London. This is my first nephew and parents grandchild to reach this all important point in life! (my oldest  is next in Nov. for Bat Mitzvah would u believe)!!
Anyone is more than welcome to pick me up at Luton (nice and near) on arrival and departure, thanks!!!
Any more details from your side and times to meet up are more than appreciated ?
I’m staying in Edgware, London from Thurs 17th till Wed 23rd the whole time. Except hope to walk up to Bushey shul Sat. morning 19th July to stay till after shabbos Sat. night welcome to meet up for the people who live near by e.g. Radlett etc…
eli and fam
p.s. unfortunately only i’m visiting but will come with smiles and pics from the kids and wifey , also to bring back some too:D
TLV to LTN Jul 17 Thursday
Tel Aviv TLV
7:05 PM
London LTN
10:30 PM
easyJet 2086
Jul 23-Confirmation #EM9577G
London LTN
12:25 PM
Tel Aviv TLV
7:25 PM
I will be available for consultancy during my stay and would love to make a breakfast too for the causes i’m building. Either way your support and friendship is more than appreciated from eli please email umuse613@gmail.com as i’m no longer working for the jaffa institute !

Details of last LONDON trip, THURSDAY UNTIL mONDAY all those years ago lol

fUNNY spot the rabbi! 😀

This link is almost the main stage for all the important sites we recommend you to see <-

For all our crucial work to make a difference with your help for the youth and world at large, “to live inspired!”

Hand baggage allowances

• 1 piece of hand baggage per passenger, including hand bag and laptop case
• 1 carrier bag of duty free items purchased at the airport
• Maximum hand baggage dimensions: 56 x 45 x 25cm
• Please check oversized or excess hand baggage items in at the check-in
 desk – if they need to be placed into the hold once you are at the departure
 gate, the fee will be considerably higher.

Boarding Pass – London trip – Inspirational opportunity 😀 email umuse613@gmail.com!

MAZEL TOV 13 in 2014 Special Bar mitzvah in Israel for special boys!

#MAZELTOV in Israel, Thursday 15th May, we will have a Bar Mitzvah for our #Ethiopianstudents. We will start the celebratory prayer with their new acquired #tefilinand #tallitot at our beautiful #campus after 7am in Beit Shemesh Educational Center
Then a celebratory moving breakfast will be served with parents and friends, presents and words of encouragement on reaching manhood #successfully.

bsec 13 14A trip to Jerusalem, Israel with Lunch and #inspiration!

bsec 13 214Sincere thanks from all our students and this #keymomentwas fulfilled in the right way. Please donate here ->http://www.rootfunding.com/campaign/3517 as the full amount needed was not raised yet!

altThis meaningful day of growth and celebration will be unforgettable for our students! If you would like to help a Bar Mitzvah boy receive a truly special Bar Mitzvah celebration for the new year of students, please click in comments (and mention eli in comments) or contact Eli umuse613@gmail.com or phone 0573175856/ 00972573175856 Your participation gave us great pleasure Eli Goldsmith and Dr. David J. Portowicz

Only good news and kindness for us all, pray for my daughter and all not well!

A #struggle not to make anyone nervous, but can everyone please #Pray or do a #Mitzvah like donating in the merit of good health and news from my daughter “Mindel Tova Bas Masha” thanks …Someone just sent me  “Refuah Shleima I got a person to stop doing doing avoda zara #idolworship in your daughter’s zechus/merit”

She came straight from Gan to the doctor with extreme high fever and shakes and we are awaiting the results of an #emergency blood test thanks D:

Donate here to share your merits thanks and make a differnece campaign <- or donate to your local charity either way!

The Special Bar Mitzvah Program campaign for Jaffa Institute – Root Funding
Take a look at this campaign that I am supporting for the benefit of Jaffa Institute. This is a great cause – please give what you can and spread the word. *** This…
Music is the bridge between the #body and the #soul, life changing quote i internalized in #Sfat all those long haired earring#hippie years ago 
Photo: Music is the bridge between the #body and the #soul, life changing quote i internalized in #Sfat all those long haired earring #hippie years ago :D

Photo#Enjoy and be #kind, with thanks the students, the staff and supporters of

Beit Shemesh Educational Center JIM = Jaffa Institute & Eli Pmusic Eliezer Goldsmith#inspired
Your Hands! As You Make Your Bar Mitzvah Celebration For Your Beloved Son, Please Help Us Make Ours For Our sons…

@midnightrabbi Hello kind sir. Thanks for sharing your voice, vision and light. And thanks for helping to making the world a better place.

— Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) February 20, 2014

 Listen to the latest inspiration with the 6th Class, Session 3,<- “Synergize as 1 plus 1 = 3, 10, 100, 1000, etc… ” Grow with sincere unity :D!i.e. Listening is the key for everyone to succeed!!

Listen to the latest inspiration with the 5th class<-, “Really learning to Listen!” Living life with true understanding and good relationships with all!

Bd’H for Rav Ovadia Yosef zt’l and donate for his soul as mazel tovs for our Bar Mitzvah

Glimpse Of 13 In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!<-click here for a great cause for 2013/4 our son’s deserve your support as do yours 🙂

Rav Ovadia’s Funeral – Jerusalem passed midnightrabbi’s old address in Jerusalem in tremendous honor to a great man!

The following 2-minute clip will give you a small inclination of what it was like to be in Jerusalem this past Monday night for Rav Ovadia Yosef’s levaya (funeral), may his sacred neshama intercede on our behalf, amen. The Jewish People are now orphaned – we’ve lost our spiritual father, and there’s no one alive who can replace him. There are only two times in Rabbi Brody’s life he did kriya (rending of one’s garment) – when his father passed and Monday evening, at Rav Ovadia’s levaya. He truly was a father to all of us. I wish someone could show me a video clip of the reception that Rav Ovadia received when he arrived in Gan Eden. May Hashem have mercy on us, and send us Moshiach quickly, amen!

Our students of Beit Shemesh Educational Center on the way to the levayah.

Today we all mourn [as a child mourns the passing of their father] the passing of the Sephardi leader of our generation–R. Ovadiah Yosef [zatz’l]. He was a man whose level of righteousness, scholarship, leadership, fearlessness, ability to educate , protect and raise up the entire nation and love for his people was unparallelled.
This loss is irreplaceable. May Hashem comfort all of us

Tehillim for Leading Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Tz’l were said at  Beit Shemesh Educational Center<- who Dies Aged 93

Family called to Rabbi Yosef’s bedside as his condition worsened. His cardiologist announced his passing at 1:25pm.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Cardiologist Professor Dan Gilon, has said Rabbi Haim Ovadia Yosef has died after he suffered a further serious deterioration in recent hours.

Last night (Monday), saw a deterioration in the condition of the former Chief Rabbi and spiritual head of the Shas party. Sources from Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital have said his condition is “unstable” and “very serious.”

This morning, Spokeswoman for Hadassah Ein Karem Hopsital, Rachel Goldblatt, said Rabbi Haim Ovadia Yosef was now “facing a system collapse,” adding that a medical team was “fighting for his life.”

Rabbi Yosef’s family have been called to his hospital bedside as his health continues to decline.

The team of doctors treating 93 year-old Rabbi Yosef, rushed to add treatment to support several of his body’s systems overnight. Rabbi Yosef is hospitalized in Hadassah Ein Karem’s Intensive Care Department.

Yesterday, three days after being able to breathe independently, he was transferred back to breathing apparatus.

Prior to the deterioration, the cardiologist treating Rabbi Yosef, Professor Dan Gilon explained: “After taking away the breathing apparatus, it will take a few days to determine Rabbi Yosef’s strength and ability to continue breathing on his own.” He added that in the last few days there have been ups and downs in the rabbi’s ability to breathe independently.”

Last Thursday, Prof. Gilon said Rabbi Yosef, had been fully conscious and been communicating with the people around him.

The rabbi was placed in an induced coma and artificially respirated on September 24, when his medical condition deteriorated and fluid was discovered in his lungs. Doctors at the time said they were fighting for his life but his condition had later significantly improved.

Iraqi-born Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is an outstanding talmudic scholar who has written prolifically on all matters of Jewish law. His rulings are considered authoritative throughout many communities all over the world.

Tens of thousands of people attended prayers for Rabbi Ovadia’s health ten days ago, in a mass prayer session at the Kotel (Western Wall). The name Haim, meaning life, was added to his name as is the Jewish custom when someone is gravely ill. Songs and prayers have been composed for his welfare and an international campaign to sign up to say Psalms for his recovery was launched.

Special prayers were held throughout Israel Monday for the Rabbi’s health.

Mazel tov to one of our new bar Mitzvah boys who excitedly and proudly shared his Bar mitzvah today with us while praying for our spiritual leader rav Ovadia YOSSEF tz’l.

Please donate for all our boys to be blessed with a Bar mitzvah 13 in 2013/ 4 thanks and click here for a merit to the sick to be healed and a merit for the holy Rabbi’s soul and all Yisrael -> http://www.rootfunding.com/campaign/3517 <— Rav Ovadia Yosef zt’l donate with our prayers & mazel tov Bar Mitzvah (8 photos)