Important to end and begin again the Fortunate way!

A month away almost, ready to come and #inspire with love and holy words from the heart, and would you believe some people in London are interested! A Miracle! Email me now thanks!

Family will miss me, but we together can make it worth it and inspirational for the London crew! Only simchas, nachus and lots of donations with full hearted support!<3

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Great news 😀 Looking to host Ari Lesser before the new Jewish year (August to September 2014) 5775 Shemitah tastic 😀 to sponsor the shows and info email First up with “the Fortunate ones” before the Shofar blows 5775! <- click here for Ari Lesser 5774 😀 and more!  Great news 😀 Looking to host Ari Lesser before the new Jewish year (August to September 2014) 5775 Shemitah tastic 😀 to sponsor the shows and info email First up with “the Fortunate ones” before the Shofar blows 5775! The New crew of Yeshivat Ashreinu <- click here for Ari Lesser 5774 😀 and more!  Blessings and appreciations B’H Check out glimpses of the audio and visual of a great program and Siyum!->midnightrabbi siyum ashreinu <- Great Siyum of Ashreinu 2013/4 to 2015 beyond, with the fortunate ones #inspired for life. All the blessings from the Midnightrabbi and fam. — with Eliezer Goldsmith  (30 photos) Part 2 Inspirational completion 2nd year of Ashreinu, midnighted! <-(44 photos) Lastly Unplugged and unedited version of Ashreinu Siyum 2013/4, thanks!

Great news, Midnightrabbi aka Eli Goldsmith is coming to London July 17th!

Eli will be in London from TLV to LTN Jul 17- till Jul 23 for fam. Bar Mitzvah and more!

Thanks goes to the fam for organizing the weekend of Fam. Goldsmith’s Bar Mitzvah July and bringing me to London. This is my first nephew and parents grandchild to reach this all important point in life! (my oldest  is next in Nov. for Bat Mitzvah would u believe)!!
Anyone is more than welcome to pick me up at Luton (nice and near) on arrival and departure, thanks!!!
Any more details from your side and times to meet up are more than appreciated ?
I’m staying in Edgware, London from Thurs 17th till Wed 23rd the whole time. Except hope to walk up to Bushey shul Sat. morning 19th July to stay till after shabbos Sat. night welcome to meet up for the people who live near by e.g. Radlett etc…
eli and fam
p.s. unfortunately only i’m visiting but will come with smiles and pics from the kids and wifey , also to bring back some too:D
TLV to LTN Jul 17 Thursday
Tel Aviv TLV
7:05 PM
London LTN
10:30 PM
easyJet 2086
Jul 23-Confirmation #EM9577G
London LTN
12:25 PM
Tel Aviv TLV
7:25 PM
I will be available for consultancy during my stay and would love to make a breakfast too for the causes i’m building. Either way your support and friendship is more than appreciated from eli please email as i’m no longer working for the jaffa institute !

Details of last LONDON trip, THURSDAY UNTIL mONDAY all those years ago lol

fUNNY spot the rabbi! 😀

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Boarding Pass – London trip – Inspirational opportunity 😀 email!

Forgiveness 2012-3 5773, new beginnings!

Inspiration for the new year, with forgiveness, please forgive me and only good news for us all!

Click here for great inspiration from a deep source -> Shalosh_Seudah_Torah Vayelech

The learning for this week’s shiur, Vayeilech &more,  learning should be a zechus for the speedy redemption of:Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin).Please remember him in your tefillos. Guys please share! The Supreme court will IYH look over appeals on September 24th (day before yom kippur) and decide which cases they will review.�
The supreme court receives 10,000 cases a year, but only reviews 75-80 of them! It’s up to us to spread the case to the whole world (or at least to people we know).�
Please sign the petition from the link below.
Gmar Chasima Tova to everyone.� Check out this new short clip about Sholom Rubashkin’s case and the justice system:�Send it to all your friends via twitter, facebook, and of course your entire email list!May Sholom Rubashkin indeed see the justice he so

Alex Clare meets Idolator. And hes not an Idol, hes the real thing , check it out for yourself!

Asking Forgiveness <- click here for orig. link! 🙂

For on this day [Yom Kippur] He shall effect atonement for you to cleanse you. Before G‑d, you shall be cleansed from all your sins—Leviticus16:30.

On Yom Kippur, G‑d mercifully erases all the sins we have committed “before G‑d”—but not the sins we may have committed against our fellow man. If we really want to come out of this holy day completely clean, we need to first approach any individual whom we may have wronged and beg their forgiveness. This applies whether the offense was physical, emotional, or financial (in which case, seeking forgiveness is in addition to making appropriate monetary restitution).

Just as the offending individual is enjoined to sincerely seek forgiveness, so, too, the victim is expected to wholeheartedly forgive—provided he is assured that the plea for forgiveness is indeed sincere.

More Details:

  • It is proper to specify the wrongdoing for which you are seeking forgiveness—unless doing so would cause further embarrassment to the victim.
  • If the injured party refuses to grant forgiveness, the offender should try approaching him several times, each time in the company of a few friends (who can try to convince the victim of the sincerity of the offender’s intentions).
  • If the individual whom you have wronged has since passed away, and the gravesite is in the vicinity, take a minyan to the gravesite and beg forgiveness there. If the gravesite is not in the vicinity, you can appoint someone to go to the grave together with a minyan to ask for forgiveness on your behalf.
  • The content on this page is copyrighted by the author, publisher and/or, and is produced by If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with the copyright policy.

Thank G-d Rivkalah’s arm is better ! Thanks for your Tefillos!
No more cast like the Struggle Group 🙂

This is a great story how we suffered after yom tov, this plumber cleaned out 2 playmobile men from the toilet by filling our house with poo and still didn’t manage to clean the block, the worst plumber and he advertises as a playmobile man lol finally after some real cash paid came a real perosn and now we’re cleaned up spiritually and physically, thank you G-d ! Struggle Group!

Fiddler Raises the Roof

Daniel Ahaviel is one of the Jewish world’s top fiddlers; he’s also our dear friend and spiritual brother. He’s the one who plays the violin on our Judean Dream album. There’s no one who can fiddle and dance like he can. Daniel lives and breathes the joy of serving Hashem. Rebbe Nachman teaches that you can’t make teshuva if you’re not happy, so we need to put smiles on our face before Yom Kippur, and not be sullen like some folks think. And by the way, Yiddishkeit is cool…  

When the prophet noticed the Children of Israel deviating too far from their roots, he urged us, “Return Israel to Hashem, your G-d… return to Hashem” [1]. Why did the prophet see to repeat the fact that we must return to Hashem? In addition, why emphasise that it is Israel who must return: obviously if they are the ones who were sinning it is they that must repent?!

Furthermore, a significant part of the repentance prayers [2] seems to involve expressing that the complete repentance programme is too cumbersome! Are we trying to make things worse for ourselves?!

Amongst the many who were affected by the Tsumani disaster, was a South African Jewish family. The husband was out at sea at the time, whilst his wife, baby and maid were on the beach. The maid was the first to spot the gigantic Tsunami wave and unsuccessfully attempted to attract her employer’s attention. It was too late. He watched helplessly as his family was washed away, whilst he himself managed to grab onto a tree as he was washed ashore.

In the meantime his wife and maid were pressed up against the side of a tall building. They were up to their necks in water and the mother became frantic – she had lost hold of her baby!

In the meantime the maid felt something brush against her leg from the side. Instinctively she picked up this ‘thing’ – it was the baby!

G-d is our Heavenly parent. He wants us – his baby – to return to Him.

This is what the prophet is coming to emphasise:

It is not just about ‘returning to G-d’, but rather that we – the sons of Israel – the children of G-d, return to our Father in heaven.

We do not just simply return to G-d for our own benefit, but rather because just like a parent desires their child to ‘return’ to them, so too our Heavenly Father desires and helps us return to Him. The repentance programme of contemplation, removing oneself from sin, regret and acceptance to improve in the future might all seem daunting, or even ‘against all odds’. But so might reading, writing, walking for the first time or learning how to ride a bike. As long as our teachers want us to learn, then we can indeed succeed to great heights. And so we must remember that it is our Heavenly Father that we are talking about who wants us to return to Him! All we have to do is express our desire to return to Him, appreciate that we will need His help and take the first few steps to return to HimimHimH.

Have by father best Shabbos,

Dan. <-click here for more!

Knuckle Bumping[i] from Gutman locks IMG_1392
     When I told this Israeli to talk to G-d, he “smacked” his knuckles against the sky as if he was “knuckle bumping” Hashem! I thought that I had seen everything, but this one cracked me up.
What Are You Supposed to Think?
     What are you supposed to think when you see a Jew who looks like this? “Weirdo! Ha! Ha! I wonder where he has been? Oh Boy! Look at that!” …and on and on.
     But you know what? We all have looked like we needed help at sometime in our IMG_0120
lives. And you know what else? If you will extend yourself, and help even the strangest cases, G-d is going to extend Himself, and help even you. [i] A recent fad type of handshake!

Life with Bipolar Disorder! You want to know you can make it, and how!

If you are living with bipolar disorder or live with someone who is, you want to know all about bipolar from other people who know first hand! You want to know you can make it, and how! 

Is Living with Bipolar Disorder Possible? A Balance Can Be Found

Are You Living with Bipolar Disorder? Know Someone Who Is?

Here is the link for a site about bipolar disorder!

With a new spirit in Jerusalem! Inspirations!

With thanks and praise to Hashem Yisborach
We are happy to invite you and your friends 8pm prompt!
To our guest speaker Harav HaGaon R’ Shmuel Hardt

Wednesday 8th Shevat/ 1st of February / 1.2.12
ישיבת תפארת יונתן משה
כתובת: רח’ מלאכי 9, ירושליםAddress: Malachi St. no. 9, near Malachai Yisrael st. Geula : enjoy

midnightrabbi inspires!


”Mekable Pnei Harebbe Lifnei HaChag,” Receive the face of your Holy Teacher before the Holiday of Shavout 2013, thanks for posting the Tolna Rebbe for us all 🙂


>And Click here ->true-important-ways-of-supporting-learning in Yisrael-in-times-of-need!

🙂 NOW! !Check out the New Tolna Rebbe Blog  in English <-click here !

בס”ד Yeshivas Tiferes Yonoson Moshe

   With thanks and praise to Hashem Yisborach Rav Ezriel Tauber  speech wishes you a happy Passover/SHAVOUS/SUMMER 2012

The new exciting schedule is here!  Read below & be apart of this! 

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Jerusalem – rabbi-hagaon-chaim-pinchas-scheinberg-passes-away-at-101-tzlb, the Rosh Yeshiva of Mattersdorf prominent Yeshiva Torah Ore, one of Kiryat Mattersdorf’s most highly regarded Rabbonim, and a member of Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah, who was renowned for wearing dozens of pairs of…

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Inspirational words from a warm heart, enjoy!

Everyone should grow from the peak of the cold of winter and live inspired to warm the hearts of man kind with kindness Midnightrabbi inspiresd style! I’m going to be visiting London Jan 12th-17th, hope 2 see some warm hearts there too!

This pic is a new concept in development , stay tuned how  we are going to Please G-d warm up the whole year and all our hearts….

The translation of the Shalosh Seudah Torah  from Harav Moshe Wolfson Shlita is here thank G-d…

Parshas VAYIGASH – CHODESH TEVES is ready on our site. Download at NO COST! click Here

Rabbi Sitorsky of Bayswater’s weekly Torah shiur (available on this site in MP3 format) is an advanced level discussion on the weekly Torah parsha. The Rav goes deeper into the Torah parsha covering key topics and connecting and relating them to the calendar and their significance to us. He weaves his unique shiurim with an eclectic array of sources including Gemara, Rishonim, Achronim and Sifrei Kabbala. If you enjoy these MP3 Torah parsha shiurim, please tell a friend about this site.The learning for this week’s shiur, Vayechi, (latest shiur is updated weekly), lick here to be automatically emailed when new MP3s are uploaded.), is to merit the redemption of:

Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin).

Please remember him in your tefillos.

Every Day… From Gutman Locks!

Every day, every minute… almost non-stop, the stories fly by. There are way too many to send them all out to you, but they are all so important to the people whose stories they are. It seems that they should be heard.

One after the other…,

I helped this nice American family put on tefillin. I spent time with them, mostly to educate the grandchildren regarding marrying only Jewish girls.

Three of the sons married Jewish girls and have Jewish families. But one of the sons married a Catholic girl who goes to church and, according to the brother who married her, she worships statues! How can it be? It is one family… four brothers… but this brother’s wife and children are not Jewish, and even though none of the families are religious now, his life is so very different than his brothers’ lives. He has, without giving it any real thought, pulled himself away from his siblings, most likely forever. How does it happen? One Grandfather… four sons… all nice Jewish people.

Next, this young Jew from Argentina cried to me, “I want to do t’shuvah”(repent & follow the Torah’s teachings). I said, “You mean that you want to come home.” Although the word t’shuvah means return, for him it meant to repent and to stop sinning. But I wanted to impress upon him that he was returning to the place that he started from, his natural spiritual home.

The soul comes into this world as a holy soul. It is only when the soul allows the animal aspect to rule, that uncleanliness covers and hides the holiness of the soul. So, returning to righteousness is really returning to your original place, your home.

Next, a little boy helped his father to read the Shema. They are from Georgia (USA). The father sends the boy to Torah lessons once a week, so the boy knows more Hebrew than he does. Even though he is not at all religious, he loves his son very much and wants to be sure that his family stays Jewish.

Next, three America brothers and their children pray for their families…. Look at their faces, and you can see that each has his own loves and needs.

Then, I saw this little boy davening (praying) so intently, and I wondered, “How different life is when you are born into a Torah observant family!”


       Everyone has a story. Everyone is coming from somewhere, and everyone is going somewhere. Each of these stories is a journey, and each journey is immensely important. Every story is a life.
The Treasures of Teves 

The Baal Shem Tov taught the following:
This world is filled with sparks of holiness that have fallen. In very low places or times, there lie buried sparks that have fallen from very high realms. This is because the higher the place an item falls from, the deeper it will plummet.
When we serve Hashem in a specific place, time, and with specific items, we release the sparks trapped in that time, place and item and they are redeemed and return to their origin.

The days of Teves are very low; they are days of the destruction of the Temple. Therefore, they contain sparks of holiness that have fallen from the highest realms.
It is very difficult to serve Hashem in these days; there is a sluggish feeling and it is difficult to conjure up the energy necessary to pray or learn Torah properly. However, one should not make the mistake of surrendering to his lethargy.
As difficult as it is to serve Hashem, that is how important it is that we do so – because it is in the lowly days of Teves that holy sparks, fallen from the loftiest realms, are trapped.
Our service of Hashem – specifically in Teves when it is not easy – will free these sparks and they will be elevated back to their origin.

Click here for pdf of Shalosh Seudos Torah Parshas Vayigash

He Wouldn’t Listen

We all tried, but he wouldn’t listen. He was a young American who is studying history in Switzerland. He came to the Kotel with two friends. We got his friends to put on tefillin, one of them for the first time in his life, but he wouldn’t do it. His friends had a great time, and they even tried to convince him to put them on, too, but he refused. I tried everything, but he had a deep-seated problem that kept him from putting them on.

Just then, an America Chassid walked by, (picture)below )and he tried. He told him that he is an insurance examiner, and that one day he went to the president of Mercedes of all America, and when he went to his office the secretary told him that he had to wait…the president was busy. But then, the president called out from his inner office and told her to let the man in.

He was amazed to see the president of Mercedes sitting there with wearing tefillin! He was davening (praying) and the secretary knew not to disturb him, but a Chassidic visitor was welcome to go in.

Still, he would not put on tefillin. He wasn’t even moved.

One of the Chassidic boys who helps out, tried, and he even begged him saying, “Do me a favor. Do it for my sake.”

He refused.

Then with a bit of anger in his voice he told me what his problem was, “You do not believe that all people are equal!”

“That’s right,” I agreed with him. “Black people are better basketball players, at least there are a larger than proportional share on them on the professional basketball teams.”

“Ha!” he grunted at me, “So you think that basketball skills are genetic?”

“I don’t know about basketball skills being genetic, but tallness sure seems to be.”

He wasn’t satisfied with my answer. I tried to explain, “We are all one, but we are not all the same. It’s like the organs in your body…each organ is extremely important, but none of them are the same. Different people in the world have different skills, and different roles to match those skills. Apparently, blacks are better at playing basketball, and Jews are better at winning Noble Prizes.”

It didn’t help. The fact that he didn’t walk away showed that really he was interested, and that he wanted to be convinced. He was an almost radical liberal trying to make his “all things are equal” philosophy work. He was studying history and wanted to have an “overall objective” view. But the truth is that he was throwing away reality.

“You are studying history,” I told him. “When you go to a new place, you don’t tell them what their history is, you try to learn from them. You should be coming here open and inquiring, not refusing.”

It did not faze him, not in the least. His attitude was so unfitting for his field of study. He should have at least been inquisitive.

I told him, “You know why I want you to put on tefillin?… Because I know that Jews who refuse to put on tefillin most likely do not care if they marry a Jew or not. And I want the Jewish people to survive. Would you marry only a Jew,” I asked.

He said, “That’s not important.”

So that seems to be the bottom line…do we survive as a thriving people, or do we end up being a mere remnant in a history book?

The truth is, G-d has promised us that we will be redeemed, and that we will inherit our land. We know this will, and in fact, is happening right now. So really the question is not, will the Jewish people will survive. It is certain that we are going to survive. The question is, will your family be counted among us?

Gutman Locks inspired, please inspire us more, with thanks!

All pics and comments are from Gutman Locks, who lives inspired , by inspiring us all! You too…

Hashem, Please…

Cover me with Your wings like a mother bird covers her young

Feed me like Your birds feed their little ones

Protect me from unseen dangers

Cleanse me

Support me

Catch me when I fall


Hashem, we wait only for You!

Want to personally thank Gutman Locks for all his inspiration!

And inform you all to be very careful of copyright law as i was just caught unaware, after a very inspirational night at a concert, needless to say we mustn’t post any videos with out prior permission , regardless of inspirational content!

So please provide me with some inspirational blog stories with a full heart so we can live ‎Midnightrabbi inspiresd

Send by facebook or email

Thanks to James with Mazel Tov for his great speech too

Deep ideas for Chanukah! Live inspired!

Please read update on details-of-london-trip-thursday-until-monday/

Please daven for Maia Shani Chaya bat Sorah thanks. And thanks to Shmuel Diamond for  great pics and friends!

So we are getting ready Chanukah and Kislev is the inner/pinimius torah lighting up the darkness, every year the golus gets darker and darker! However, the light needs to be bigger to keep the balance! This is our job to look deep within every struggle and draw from our inner light like a menorah drawing on the oil with a little wick! This shines the light of Moshiach in to the whole world and will bring our redeemer bkrov, speedily in our days ! amen,

Chanukah is the Fiftieth Level of Holines
The physical world is comprised of seven dimensions. Seven times seven is forty nine.
The eighth corresponds to the fiftieth. Eight/fifty are numbers which represents sublime
heavenly spheres.
The essence of Chanukah is eight/fifty. It has eight days and the miracle of Chanukah
took place with שמן, oil. The word שמן is similar to the number שמונה, eight.
Reading about the Tefillin of Yaakov in Parshas Vayetzei, the first Shabbos in Kislev,
is a preparation for Chanukah. They are both from the fiftieth level of holiness.
The twenty fifth day of Kislev, when Chanukah begins, corresponds to the twenty five
letters of Shema, the ultimate declaration of Emunah that is placed into the Tefillin.
חנכה נר is gematria צפון הבעל, (they both equal 333). With the power of Emunah of
Chanukah, the kelipah of the idol ‘Baal Tzefon’, the representation of the fiftieth level of
tumah, which is atheism, is broken.
May we merit preparing properly for Chanukah, by submitting ourselves with self
sacrifice to the sovereignty of Hashem, as the Chashmonaim in the time of Chanukah did,
and thereby merit,
אור חדש על ציון תאיר ונזכה כלנו יחד במהרה לאורו

Fact is that I am trying to live by that with my clients.
I resolve the problems or perceived problems that companies have
So my approach is to give them an approach where they realise that it is only perceived darkness and that in essence they just have to reveal the greatness that is alreaqday there…ie the light
: Kind of like using their capabilities and enhancing their processes, which is like doing more mitzvos and drawing more Ohr into the Kav
By getting better at what they already do and having the right discipline and structure, they can be the best thing possible.
Every human can achieve so much, its just a matter of tapping in.
Moshiach now!!!!The month of geula is here!
Chodesh Kislev!

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Heres some more places where  Midnightrabbi inspiresd

“ok i hear but use some of the time to listen to more torah it explains what we’re going through right now
the links i gave u are the best trust me!
its about giving our free time to Hashem by learing torah this will protect us more than everything! “i wnna find peace here
“u will by fighting
yaakov wants peace & then there more battles lol
Please listen & learn by clicking the links Chanukah E 

The translation of the Shalosh Seudah Torah
Parshas TOLDOS is ready on our site. Download it FREE! click HereDevar Torah for Chanukah
Elevating Jewish Souls on ChanukahThe Shechina, Divine Presence, never descends beneath ten handbreadths. The only exception is on Chanukah when we specifically light the candles under the usual boundary of ten handbreadths.
A Jewish Soul is compared to a candle. When we kindle the Chanukah lights in a low place, the souls of Jews that lie in the depth are lit up.

However, we won’t suffice with lighting up their souls and leaving them to glow in the dark. We will raise them back into holiness.

The Halacha is that on Friday we light the Chanukah candles before the kindling of the Shabbos candles. The Arizal states that the reason we light in this order, is so that the souls we illuminate with the Chanukah lights in the depth, should be uplifted into the sphere of Shabbos with the lighting of the Shabbos candles. We first ignite these Jewish souls, and then lift them back into holiness.
The flame of Chanukah is sublimely lifted and fuses with the flame of Shabbos. great inspiration Totourisrael                        

Rabbi Sitorsky’s Shiur on the weekly parsha on MP3 download pageAnd great torah to read

Nyet, Nyet, Nikavo! thanks Lazer Schmitdt Lazer Brody
Today, we’ll learn a lesson in Russian:

Nyet nyet nikavo krome yivo adnavo. Translated, this means, “No, no, there is no one other than Hashem – His Name is One.”

With the ink barely dried on my weekly column at Breslev Israel, Salvation Month, and once again Hashem is fighting our battles for us, causing an awesome explosion in Iran’s nuclear facilities at Isfahan, only 2 weeks after Hashem blew an Iranian missile depot sky high. If that’s not enough, only 5 days ago, a Hizbulla stronghold in southern Lebanon was rocked by a tremendous blast. Hashem’s fingerprints are all over the place. Shouldn’t we all be saying “Thank You” and praising Hashem’s Name? The month of Chanuka is the perfect time for expressing our gratitude, and gratitude invokes even more miracles!

I miss the Lubavitcher Rebbe – he knew how to praise Hashem. Let’s watch him sing “Nyet Nyet Nikavo” also during the month of Kislev, 5747 (December 1986):


fUNNY on my way to london 1st dec- 5th dec hope only for simchos … Love to see you all that weekend , please let me know!~
Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith
Israel 00972-57-317-5856 london 0208-958-2771
U.S. line  718-705-7395
Email –

spot the rabbi! lol

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For all our crucial work to make a difference with your help for the youth and world at large, “to live inspired!”


Boarding Pass – London trip –

01 December 2011 – 05 December 2011

Hand baggage allowances

• 1 piece of hand baggage per passenger, including hand bag and laptop case
• 1 carrier bag of duty free items purchased at the airport
• Maximum hand baggage dimensions: 56 x 45 x 25cm
• Please check oversized or excess hand baggage items in at the check-in
 desk – if they need to be placed into the hold once you are at the departure
 gate, the fee will be considerably higher.

Thursday, 01 December 2011

Tel Aviv (Terminal 1) to London Luton

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Sorry, online check in is not available when flying from this airport. Please go to the easyJet Check-in desks on arrival at the airport.

Monday, 05 December 2011

London Luton to Tel Aviv (Terminal 1)

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