Our Bar Mitzvah with sincere Thanks to all!

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Truly beyond words, was such fun and #inspired surprise with family at the Jerusalem Kiddush, Kotel putting #Tefilin for the first time as 13-year-old with the blessing of priests 3 generations together! And then our party with family, friends, and Nissim ניסים special guest appearance with his Hit song Hashem Melech at our BY awesome Bar  Mitzvah #holyJerusalem!:) bH Thanks to Adrian Korsnor for the great pics!

And then a small intimate meal with my son’s friends 🙂 Thanks to my soul mate for doing all the hard work! (While passing her #Pilates course B’H)

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Unofficial: Motty Mordechai Steinmetz doesn’t just have a beautiful voice, I truly enjoyed watching his real #inspired video too! Inviting Motty and friends to Unity Inspires Projects!

הצצה אל מאחורי הקלעים של יום בחיי אומן הרגש מוטי שטיינמץ “כל זמן שהנשמה בקרבי מודה אני לפניך”(מתוך תפילת אלוקי נשמה) בנט הפקות וייצוג אמנים מציג: הנשמה בקרבי…

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Two of the Main Men from Gutman Locks

Two of the Main Men

Standing in front is Shmuli, one of the most loving guys you could ever meet. I have mentioned him a few times in these articles. Behind him is Yussi, who is the manager of the Chabad Kotel team.

(Gutman with the old Kotel tefillin stand -1986)


In 1986, I worked the Kotel tefillin stand by myself. I was the only one standing there all day, and I could keep up with the six pairs of tefillin that I had. Today, there are many, many more visitors to the Kotel each day, and a large team is needed to serve them all. There are some eight full-time, dedicated Chabadniks working here in two shifts, from sunrise until sunset, and there are around 30 pairs of tefillin.

These men deserve our greatest appreciation for the work that they do, bringing thousands of Jews closer to Torah through the mitzvah of tefillin. But in truth, they are perhaps the most fortunate men in the world to be privileged to stand at the Kotel all day, looking for Jews to help.

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Thanks to Gutman locks

Ladies, Be Healthy – Go To Synagogue

Israel National News reports:[i]

“Women who attend synagogue regularly are more optimistic than others, according to a Yeshiva University research report to be published this week in the Journal of Religion and Health.

The same conclusions apply to non-Jews who attend church.

A more optimistic view of life was expressed by 56 percent of those regularly attended prayer service.

A study in 2008 showed that religious people generally are healthier and less susceptible to stress than those who are not religious.”

“We know they’re less likely to die, and health outcomes can be related to psychological factors.”

Religious practice in general can encourage a “positive worldview, include calming rituals, and have other psychological and social benefits,” according to the new research report.” IMG_0774

Gutman suggests: Ladies, go pray. It’s cheaper than psychiatry, tastes better than pills, isn’t fattening, and the studies prove that it usually works.

With Charity have a wonderful, healthy, successful, and peaceful New Year

Ktiva V’chatima Tova 5772-2012

Have a wonderful, healthy, successful, and peaceful New Year.


 “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings.” Psalm 91:4 Thanks again to Gutman locks for the inspirational picture and work @kotel

Rav Moshe Wolfson shlita comes to Tzion – for Simchos Chasson and Kallah

We have many more new vids @midnightrabbi
And Boruch bringing the rap to the holy Kotel!

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Unity @the Kotel, and @home!

A Few Hours After the Fast

the Chassidim from Belz came to the Kotel to sing and dance.

Enjoy our blog on unity, Moshiach now! 

 http://midnightabbi1eligol​dsmith.wordpress.com/2011/​08/08/love-story-is-a-comf​ort-true-tubav-inspiration​/ only good news!

Please watch this new video on one of our heros Michael Dov Weissmandl (Hebrew: חיים מיכאל דב וויסמנדל‎) (25 October 1903, Debrecen, Hungary –29 November 1957, Mount Kisco, New York)

(known as the Tzaddick Rav Michael Ber Weissmandl)