Catch the #inspiration 5777 to 5778! Living Miracles!

We are very excited to go to #Uman with Nissim ניסים for the new year, to begin with, Joy and bring it back to our homes in #Jerusalem and #Sukkos 5778 too! Thanks, friends and Rav Shalom Arush – הרב שלום ארוש#ShanaT?ovah and enjoy the last Shabbat 5777!

International rapper superstar Nissim Black thrills the crowd during the celebration of Rebbe Nachman’s yahrtzeit,18 Tishrei 5777 at the Chut Shel Chesed Yeshiva!
Zusha – King || זושא – מלך
This music video illustrates a young girl’s determination to discover her unique light. And Now more than ever is our most auspicious time to return to Hamelech! Looking forward to seeing Zusha in Uman and watch Nissim ניסיםcollaborate in the right time, the key is #HashemMelech!

Let’s make a music revolution build now a show beyond words!

עשה למען – מתוך האלבום החדש של יונתן רזאל “פותח לב” מילים: מתוך הסליחות לחן: יונתן רזאל עשה למען אמתך עשה למען בריתך עשה למען גדלך ותפארתך עשה למען חסדך עשה .. 

Yonatan Razel – יונתן רזאלn is always leading the music world #inspired. This song is to a whole different level. Please do this!

#Inspired by Rabbi Sacks on #leadership so authentic and real!


#Healtheworld, and last #Shabbat of the year! For those a little more open!

Worth listening to a special person who made being #vulnerable#inspirational and life changing 🙂 Thanks to Brené Brown & Lewis Howes!
Check out this cool episode:!

Excited to share #Nissim at Sinai Indaba in South Africa! We already have requests for more speaking ops so book fast and be #wokenup with #truth for the #happynewyear #Lemala!

Sinai Indaba is an annual Torah convention of the foremost international Jewish leaders and thinkers. See more at:
The really inspiring news is we love to live what we are passionate about bH! Kind regards and connect here for booking
Eli Goldsmith Whatsapp Nissim’s Manager: +972505305002. #Inspiredmiracles! 😎 = Nissim ניסים‎ shared Midnightrabbi inspires‘s photo#Nissim #Lemala is on our way to Uman together with our new Manager and representative Eli Goldsmith and friends! For #Emunah filled bookings contact! We are ready to all “Fly Away” for a sweet happy new year!
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Our Bar Mitzvah with sincere Thanks to all!

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Truly beyond words, was such fun and #inspired surprise with family at the Jerusalem Kiddush, Kotel putting #Tefilin for the first time as 13-year-old with the blessing of priests 3 generations together! And then our party with family, friends, and Nissim ניסים special guest appearance with his Hit song Hashem Melech at our BY awesome Bar  Mitzvah #holyJerusalem!:) bH Thanks to Adrian Korsnor for the great pics!

And then a small intimate meal with my son’s friends 🙂 Thanks to my soul mate for doing all the hard work! (While passing her #Pilates course B’H)

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Unofficial: Motty Mordechai Steinmetz doesn’t just have a beautiful voice, I truly enjoyed watching his real #inspired video too! Inviting Motty and friends to Unity Inspires Projects!

הצצה אל מאחורי הקלעים של יום בחיי אומן הרגש מוטי שטיינמץ “כל זמן שהנשמה בקרבי מודה אני לפניך”(מתוך תפילת אלוקי נשמה) בנט הפקות וייצוג אמנים מציג: הנשמה בקרבי…

Music news and inspiration for the youth and more!

midnightashreinu jam

Glimpse Of 13 In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!<-click here for a great cause for 2013/4 our son’s deserve your support as do yours 🙂

What you have all wanted to #know! Eli Pmusic stands for Eli #Perseverance with music …

Midnightrabbi inspiresd presents 😀 and sponsor a show here too Beit Shemesh Educational Center thanks!

Midnightrabbi inspires gave a class this Sunday night 9pm on the flow of music and mystic ways to being a mentch! Classes just in ->rise-above-inspired and midnightrabbi-ashreinu-parsha  at Beit Shemesh Educational Center for info and new vids come here Midnightrabbi inspiresd thanks  😀 please G-d with a FLOW!

We looking forward to host Nissim 17th November 8pm and YOSEF KARDUNER 2nd night of Channukah 5774 in Beit Shemesh Educational Center for info and new vids come here Midnightrabbi inspiresd thanks  😀 please G-d! & please G-d with Ashreinu ! 

Many more great acts! For the new Midnightrabbi inspiresd 2013-14 year, please help us sponsor the shows for the new school year with the true stars The Fortunate Ones email -> for more info now!

The almost for sure lineup for the next few months for #ashreinuat Beit Shemesh Educational Center 😀 is looking good … check it out and see if you or a friend or a corporate giant you know would like to sponsor a show for our boys …

Schedule for Midnightrabbi Music Mystic hour so far…bs’d

1. Midnightrabbi inspires intro to the #Music #Mystic hour…
N.B.  Ari Lesser was last years opening act and we hope over the year will make an appearance here in the holy land at our program!
2. Nissim 17th November 8pm first eagerly awaited appearance in the holy land at our program to inspire! 😀 for info and sponsorship see the blog!you-got-that-we-hope-to-host-nissim-in-our-center-in-the-holy-land-asap-sponsor-the-show-for-our-boys-now<-
4. Shtar warming up the winter Jan time… with real talent and new star line up
5. Hamakor with ex-moshav band Solomon bros soulfilled sound!
Feb time
unplugged –
6. Lazer Lloyd Purim day show in the house/garden of our Programs head-
7.  Moshiach …  haha so please donate to the cause by emailing so our youth and more can live this year truly fortunate and share success with others… –

 &here <- & here <- From Sefer Bereshit and on… New beginnings in the holy land inspired with Avraham Avinu and really being your true self! <- and todays erev Lechlacha <- midnightrabbi music revolution! <-

Reading the Parsha daily brings us all real insight and hope thought-ashreinu/rachel-our-mothers-children and Todays  ->learning-to-wait-for

Learning the Talmud can be inspiring and real return/3-stages-of-the-night-of-exile

Parshas Inspirations from Avraham to Yitzchak, from belief to laughter!
Listen to Midnightrabbi Return / Parshas Inspirations from Avraham to Yitzchak, from belief to laughter! | Explore the largest community of artists…
Midnightrabbi inspires shared good news!

Midnightrabbi wants us to make a “music 4 youth” Unity concert, with special guests T.B.A.

Rabbi Goldsmith is once again hosting youth music concerts to promote a music revolution on-line and beyond bringing us good self esteem among Israeli youth and anglo students in Israel. Past performers include Lazer LLoyd, Ari Lesser, Yosef Dainel, Hamakor, Yosef Karduner, ShtarBoruch Vidal and Avraham Pilcer<-,  Az Yashir, , Hello Sid, Sam Fisher and other young enthusiastic top class musicians.

We hope to be hosting @music by Nissim baruch in with the Fortuante ones and more in Bet Shemesh, Israel<- and T..B.A. for the new year (october 2013 time before 2014) see below and comments in how you can get involved thanks 🙂 Unity-concert-with-special-guests-T.B.A.

The Unity of the Bands was so successful thank G-d, it is returning again for the new school year at a new alcohol-free club for youth The Bet Shemesh Educational Center. Rabbi Goldsmith spoke on Israel National Radio’s The Beat about how music can positively influence young adults to change for the better.

INR: So tell us who you are and how you became the Midnight Rabbi

Rabbi Goldsmith: I grew up in London and have been in Eretz Yisrael for ten years. I’ve seen from being in a few different yeshivas like Ohr Somayach the importance of music –  especially me being a baal teshuvah and being involved in London in the music industry. My family, Harvey Goldsmith and my father Martin Goldsmith put on big events. I would see the effect of the music industry had on the youth. I wanted to be a famous rock singer at one point when I was a teenager. I won a “battle of the bands” in London. I’m still close to those guys because music has a bonding effect.

INR: What was the name of your old band?

Rabbi Goldsmith: Common Ground. It was about unity even in that world. But now the boys are coming to yeshiva not just for music but for spiritual reasons. So it can be a spiritually defined purpose. The music has the power to combine the physical with the spiritual. I see that with the bochurim [yeshiva students]. It brings out their self esteem and togetherness.

INR: What were your father’s big events?

Rabbi Goldstein: He helped do Live Aid. There’s an interesting hashkacha pratis [Divine guidance] story about someone else who’s been helping – Jeff Pulver. My dad arranged to get him into the Led Zepplin reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall. Personally, I don’t listen to their music and don’t think their a good influence on the kids at all. Jeff Pulver likes them very much, and he’s a good guy, so the hashkacha pratis is that even from such a place, he ended up contributing a decent amount of money to the studio the boys have been using.

It has a drum kit, piano, amps speaker system and even rebbes have been using it to speak their drashas on. Even though the kids are unfortunatley drawn to this type of music, especially the rap world, when they come with the right intentions, and inspiration, they elevate this type of music. It’s an amazing thing and that what it was at Unity of the Bands.

INR: So why do they call you the Midnight Rabbi?

Rabbi Goldsmith: A few years back I was walking around the street late at night and was surprised to see how many young people were out there. I was learning full time and was learning very shtark [to appear to be religious]. I thought there needs to be something done in the kiruv world late at night. So I asked my wife and she agreed that I should pursue this. The first yeshiva was Netzach, where they called me the X-Box Rebbe because I used to see them where they used to play the video games late at night. Then it ended up Ner Yaakov which offered me an even later position, so they called me the Midnight Rabbi. So it came from the boys themselves. The idea was for me to come late at night.

I remember this one student, his first month or so in yeshiva, he used to come back drunk out of his face. Last year at an end-of-the year party, he told me he thought maybe he was having hallucinations because every night he would find this rabbi that he could sit and talk with about deeper things. And every morning he would wake up — well not really in the morning, maybe in the afternoon — and he would say, “Did I meet a rabbi last night? I can’t remember.” It made a deep impression on him and the whole year we had a good connection.

INR: Do you actually like rap and rock?

Rabbi Goldsmith: For me personally, I don’t think any of this music is ideal. I don’t listen to it in my own house. But my strength is from my past because I can bridge these gaps when I talk to them. At this point that’s where they’re at. I’m more just a stepping stone. I can’t be the end result. It’s about elevating the sparks with real content and the musicians themselves being real Role models for a honest true future!

INR: When is your next event?

Rabbi Goldsmith: hoping with your help to begin 5774, 2013-14 with some new shows and some new surprise guests T.B.A. like Ari LesserAri Lesser

So happy to get ready for 2014 with Ari this year in top form 🙂 

And  Elyon 

We have posted our latest music on elyonsong and hope u all get inspired and sing inspired!

We have also included our latest videos and hope to be coming out with a new album asap. See below some of our favourite lyrics that have inspired us all!

Elyon- Eliezer Kosoy soul-ful sounds and teacher! Appreciates  Yonason Hill for all his great talent and soul 🙂 

And HaMakor for the second time thank G-d We Are So Excited To Have Hosted 3 of the Solomon Bros and now a fourth ofThe Talented Solomon Brothers, Yosef, formerly of the Moshav band, At Our Midnightrabbi Mystic Music Hour With The Fortunate Ones! Their Talent Is Beyond Words And Take A Glimpse At The Best Jewish Music Brothers Around. We all Loved It Beyond Talent,  Thank G-D! We Hope To Bring The Whole Band and brothers Here Soon With A Rockin’ Midnightrabbi Concert For More Fortunate Ones! Bs’d! The pics are here <-

And Yosef Karduner for the really fortunate ones ! <- click here for more on this great musician! And click yosef-karduner-live-midnightrabbi-mystic-music-hanukah-bet-shemesh-with-yeshivat-ashreinu for more audio of the live concet and blog with vids other acts inc. yosef-karduner-live-midnightrabbi-mystic-music-chanukah!<- click here and here<- for pics!

And Shtar performed here for us, Shtar means a commitment and sincere real talent , you got that!As we all struggle on, looking forward to hosting Shtar again @Bet Shemesh Educational Center for the fortunate ones at yeshivat Ashreinu , for the Midnightrabbi mystic music hour SHtark , nice movie Shtar glasses guys as the Shtar rises up! 🙂

 Happy times ahead, 🙂

And Lazer Lloyd,

We are so excited to have hosted Lazer Lloyd and one of the talented Solomon brothers, Sruli, at our Midnightrabbi Mystic Music hour with the Fortunate ones!

And new on our shores please G-d, Introducing The Artist Formerly Known As … Now Nissim Baruch BLACK!

Eli played miracle-music and Unbelievable!


Includes my new single “UNBELIEVABLE” and many more amazing songs.
Miracle Music, by NISSIM

bovi and midnighter

Boruch Samuel Bovi Vidal

R.I.p to all of the fallen soldiers of Israel, and all the other victims of terror we are thankful for the sacrafice you have given.

I hope you guys are in a better place.. A meaningful memorial day.
MidnighterRabbi congratulates Boruch Vidal on your army service and looks forward to hear good news from everything you do with blessings and more music success:)

INR: These concerts are for 16-19 and more year olds?

Rabbi Goldsmith: Yes. They do a good a job, they did a lot of the groundwork this age group in the past. My goal was to get these guys to run their own events and make them independent. We’ll see from U Muse, which stands for Youth 4 Music, that the youth themselves have the power to lift up all their friends and family. I don’t see that style of music as the goal, but it’s definitely a big step for the world to get to a more spiritual place. The lyrics represent a more positive message.

INR: Do you have any final words about your projects?

Rabbi Goldsmith: I appreciate your interest. Really what you’ve done for the boy’s self esteem, it will help them for the rest of their lives. You have a big mitzvah.

And it’s time wake up and begin the new year with some new shows…!!!!ASAP contact Eli 🙂 Send us the sponsors and advertisements so we can get moving right now Midnightrabbi inspires

Gym love story continues to inspire!

Midnightrabbi is really inspired by Jeff Pulver’s post and recent breakfast with Eli in Teli! As the gym changed my life for the good , as i got focused, healthy disciplined and met my wife to be for the 1st time, just ask her, and my brother Jeremy Goldsmith who took me there for the first time! Thanks and hugs Sir Jeff!

Midnightrabbi Inspires wants your opinion on this 1st stage of new book idea thanks, a world changer 🙂

The needed  Spiritual Guide to the husband to make a happy wifey! To be “together”, Eliyahu Eliezer! Bs’d
Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !The Ant Infestation and smiley cake!It was a special day of deeds of kindness, as many good husbands … 13 in 2013

Midnightrabbi Inspires

 The Comfort of our people is that we are always One!

Imagine over a decade ago just before the twin towers fell! 2 souls got engaged and erected 2 strong towers that become one and will never be destroyed with this eternal unity! Remember under two decades ago when 2 souls first met. Well truth is here your going to have to imagine. In Heaven its harder to make matches/ Shidduchim than splitting the Red Sea. However, that is what Hashem, Himself was busy with, since the beginning of time.

2 souls are yearning to meet. And meet they do, on Yom Kippur day outside after Shul hopping in their secular atire / earings 2.

Souls of a Tisha B’av generation, estranged from their peoples roots but tapped in enough to know that today, Yom Kippur,  is a holy day.

Their souls meet and she knows he’s the one but…

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Introducing the artist formerly known as … now NISSIM™ POWERED BY: OEMCo™ powered by Emuna!

Eli played miracle-music and Unbelievable!


Includes my new single “UNBELIEVABLE” and many more amazing songs.
Miracle Music, by NISSIM

New Name, New Game. by Lovie Hops

The Orach Online squad caught up with Nissim Black, Co-Founder of OEMC, to discuss the past, the present and the future for him and OEMC. He spoke on his relationship with Sportn’Life and a D.Black comeback.

OO: You Mr. Black, spent a lot of time at Sportn’ Life Records both as an Exec and a MC. You’ve had to deal with being an artist and deal with artists, what gave you the inspiration for OEMC?

NISSIM: It was just that. After being on both sides of the fence, I developed a liking for different aspects of both. There were plenty of times when i wanted to sit back and strictly work with DeVon and take a break to really push the other artist, but it just felt like the time never permitted itself. So, with OEMC, which I cant take complete credit for I do have a partner in crime Yosef “Bradley” Brown, we just wanted to put together awesome music for people and exhaust our efforts to see it get the recognition we felt it deserved. So OEMC is the natural progression of that desire.

OO: You and Yosef (B.Brown) probably had your biggest success with people like Young Buck and the Game,will that same sound carry OEMC? And how will it play out according to your faith?

NISSIM: Thats all old news. We never really rode that wave, it wasn’t really the sound we were most interested in back then even. Our sound has definitely evolved. We focus on more on a contemporary soul and alternative with a bit of Pop. We are just kind of out there these days. As far as my faith is concerned, I still keep my distance. I don’t have a TV in my home  I only listen to certain things for work purposes. Its all business, one that im passionate about, but its still business. Certain aspects of this industry doesn’t belong in my spiritual world so i keep it out. But I do use my spiritual world to elevate my work.

OO: In most interviews most people wouldn’t ask what Im going to ask you now but, with certain people like Mattisyahu, Shyne and yourself, your faith almost is what makes you who you are so with that said; You’ve made a lot of changes over the past 4 to 5 years as an individual, and concerning yourfaith/ religious beliefs, what is your faith and what effect does it have on you musically?

NISSIM: Orthodox Judaism is my faith. It has been a crazy past few years for me one that has been eye opening. I was a Non-religious Christian, then a Messianic Christian what people would refer to as Hebrew Christian or Messianic Judaism (But this is NOT Judaism in anyway, shape or form) . But I don’t look at them as huge changes but rather the natural growth of a person truth seeking. It happens all the time with people who start challenging themselves, they begin to grow. I was exposed to a truth, then another and then another, which was headed in the direction of the path I was to embark on. Due to the fact that spirituality is big for me, this journey will forever be documented through music and all that evolves me. When you find emet (truth), you share it by living it. If people really believed in what they say they do, it would be seeping through their pores without them even saying a word.

OO: There’s been a lot of new artist both in your own city and in the broader industry, who’s your favorites in game today?

NISSIM: I think Adele proved herself to be the worlds favorite right? but, no really, other than the guys I work with, I like; The Black keys, Gotye, Fun, Michael Buble and John Legend.  I mean I guess thats my list, I still draw inspiration from old MoTown records. Im usually in the loop for inspiration only, as it relates to work, but I’m not engrossed, i keep it that way so my ears can stay fresh and unbiased.

OO: Congratulations on the birth of your new son. We also know you have a wife and daughter at home how hard is it to make time for everything?

NISSIM: Thank you. As you can imagine, it gets tough. I try my best to make it work, after all I have to. My wife is the most important person in my life and my kids follow that, my career is for our benefit as a whole. So just like any other family we manage. Plus, we still have Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) for family time!

OO: So you left the rap game alone after your LP “Ali’Yah” and your follow up EP “The Blackest Brown”. As I mentioned before your affiliation with Sportn’ Life, after being apart of its success for so long, whats that relationship like now that you moved on?

NISSIM: My relationship there never changed. I still consider myself Sportn’ life. In fact if I could of made it all work at the time I would have. I was growing spiritually and had to make moves that were going to aid and assist me in my growth. The departure from Sportn’ Life was apart of what was happening for me at the time. I definitely didn’t see OEMC coming at all. The only reason I didn’t take my music efforts back to Sportn’ life was because we were originally going to do religious music strictly. We later decided to do both, as long as the contemporary music doesn’t effect our values. We all still tight, its still “the Life”.

OO: Your album “Ali’Yah” had a impact on people everywhere, you seem to have anxious fans across the nation even in countries like Africa who were touched. So, I have to ask or else it wouldn’t be right; Do you think that  theres a possibility D.Black will lace back up the cleats and come back in the game?

NISSIM: I would be lying if I said I don’t think about it sometimes. But, truly Im content for the time being. Im working on some cool projects and seeing artists grow and develop, and its exciting to be apart of. D.Black is dead, Nis lives on.

Keep up with Nissim on twitter; @NissimBlack

Real changes we can all learn from 2007 and beyond!!!

Rather than correct the-new-wave-of-positive-rap-by-moving-on/ we just going to move on just like our new friend Nissim Baruch

Now this is what we’re waiting for , the real deal! Real Change that makes a difference, just what Hashem wants us all to do before Yom Kippur (our holy day of repentance and connection)

Our new friend is bringing it back! And you can read the update from his bio below! Wow, he’s already made 2012 a good year and can’t wait to meet and dance in person!

Please be sure to connect with me on my band profile Listen to my new single “Unbelievable”
At: you,
Love & Blessings!NISSIM™ POWERED BY: OEMCo™

Nissim »

Born and raised in south Seattle, Damian Black, now known as Nissim hit the northwest hip hop stage…
About Nissim Nissim (formerly known as D.Black) is one-half of the band MA”SH. After growing up in Seward Park (Seattle, WA), Nissim can recall the Saturday mornings watching his Jewish neighbors make what seemed like a pilgrimage to synagogue for Sabbath prayers. He even tells stories of him playing basketball at one of the local synagogues. Although seeing this did not convince him to join the tribe, later in his years he questioned his Christian faith and began to study profusely and ultimately found Orthodox Judaism to be the right path. Since this revelation he has been attending Congregation Sephardic Bikur Holim in Seattle, WA, where he is making official conversion to Orthodox Judaism.After growing up in an undesirable household, full of drugs, alcohol, violence etc., he clung to music as his escape from the troubles of the world, in which he attempted to create his own world. In the early stages of that process he was known as D.Black, a street savvy rap artist/ producer who often told stories of life in the ghetto, with drugs, guns and money. As time went on we watched him transform into an intellectual on the microphone, speaking about being more aware of and changing societal norms and healing the world. At the peak of his moderate success in the music industry, he called it quits. He resigned from his executive position at Sportn’ Life Records and retired his “D.Black” jersey. Although, many will miss D.Black, they will be held in suspense by the music put forth by MA”SH his new band.
MA”SH which is a acronym for Malhut Shamayim (Kingdom of Heaven) is a two man band, members include Nissim and Yosef, who together were known as Black & Brown. The two, best friends since kindergarten, and now brother-in-laws, together have produced/ written music for local and international artist, which is something they continue to do. They refer to their sound as alternative soul, which maybe the best way to describe it. It’s full of live instruments that restore an “old school” feel, to the “old school” sound that they fabricate. Deep rooted in a soulful bliss and yet, still beset with loud guitars and heavy drums. Although the music may reflect a popular and modern spin on an old wheel, the content itself, is grounded. Their idea is to make music for the world and reflect their religious values without being proselytizing. Energy, ambition and focus best describe them, as they set out on a journey to effect change in the world of music.

This is a great wake up call for us all , as he has real talent and now connected into the real truth can with G-d’s help in 2012 and beyond make real needed change!

Check out Nissim as  President & CEO of OEMC

Orach Emet Music Company, LLC. is a music company that specializes in writing and producing music. OEMC is primarily a music production company for record labels, independent artist, film, TV / Radio, video games and websites. We comprise of a small variety of writers, producers, studio engineers, graphic designers, etc. OEMC offers several production packages that include artist development, production, song writing, pre & post-production consulting and studio recording for many different genres.

Anyhow, looking forward to a new year of the path of the Truth shinning out to the world with unity and moshiach now!

Still have a few questions and look forward to asking them in person , email me

***From Menachem Dov 2 Ahron Yosef enjoy 2 different ways :)

 JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith. This is a great cause – please give what you can and spread the word. ***From Menachem Dov 2 Ahron Yosef enjoy 2 different ways 🙂

The Chumush Seudah (the five books meal) is based on and recommended by our Sages in Pirkei Avot 5:21 :

“בן חמש שנים למקרא, בן עשר למשנה…בן חמש עשרה לתלמוד”

“The five-year-old [is brought] to the Written Torah,

And the best way to begin anything good and important is with Simcha and happiness… And eating and drinking of course with a blessing!

Ahron Yosef before…

the Rebbe,

Rebbe Pinchas puts his heart and soul into the children…

Every child is made to feel like a King taking his place on the podium with microphone and crown with cloak…All the decorations are filled with words of inspiration and phrases from the Torah…

The meal doesnt begin until many introductions and prayers for the future of all the children and families etc… The main rabbi from the school gives his blessing, amen…

With pictures of the Rebbe from Vitznitz that survived the war with his Father the prev. Rebbe and rebuilt the schools of pre-war Europe in the holy land, now based in Bnei Barak and Yerushalayim…

From times of tradegdy to times of rebuilding and joy…

Now the children begin to sing the 5 books of the Torah covering all the Sefers, and weekly Parshos and all the titles of the Mishnah and Gemarah (Talmud) etc…

The main thing is the simcha and nachus that is felt at this holy time, which is compared to receiving the Torah at Har Sinai, and each child is like a dancing Sefer Torah (leibidik Torah Scroll)…

they sing!

they eat!

they dance!

True pure simcha… A time the children and family shall cherish!

wishin u all simchos and nachus …

From father to son…  send us your powerful moments

beyond words…

Enjoy some more pics –

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Happy Chanukah, from Eli Goldsmith’s campaign for Jaffa Institute ! <click here!

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You really want to give this Hanukah , as giving is what we do! Bringing light into children’s lives and the world! I Like Saying ‘Chappy Chanukah” Instead of “Happy Hanukah!”, Eli Goldsmith’s campaign for Jaffa Institute – Root Funding Take a look at this campaign that I am supporting for the benefit of JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith. This is a great cause – please give what you can and spread the word. ***

The Chumush Seudah (the five books meal) is based on and recommended by our Sages in Pirkei Avot 5:21 :

“בן חמש שנים למקרא, בן עשר למשנה…בן חמש עשרה לתלמוד”

“The five-year-old [is brought] to the Written Torah,

And the best way to begin anything good and important is with Simcha and happiness… And eating and drinking…

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