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We are very excited to go to #Uman with Nissim ניסים for the new year, to begin with, Joy and bring it back to our homes in #Jerusalem and #Sukkos 5778 too! Thanks, friends and Rav Shalom Arush – הרב שלום ארוש#ShanaT?ovah and enjoy the last Shabbat 5777!

International rapper superstar Nissim Black thrills the crowd during the celebration of Rebbe Nachman’s yahrtzeit,18 Tishrei 5777 at the Chut Shel Chesed Yeshiva!
Zusha – King || זושא – מלך
This music video illustrates a young girl’s determination to discover her unique light. And Now more than ever is our most auspicious time to return to Hamelech! Looking forward to seeing Zusha in Uman and watch Nissim ניסיםcollaborate in the right time, the key is #HashemMelech!

Let’s make a music revolution build now a show beyond words!

עשה למען – מתוך האלבום החדש של יונתן רזאל “פותח לב” מילים: מתוך הסליחות לחן: יונתן רזאל עשה למען אמתך עשה למען בריתך עשה למען גדלך ותפארתך עשה למען חסדך עשה .. 

Yonatan Razel – יונתן רזאלn is always leading the music world #inspired. This song is to a whole different level. Please do this!

#Inspired by Rabbi Sacks on #leadership so authentic and real!


#Healtheworld, and last #Shabbat of the year! For those a little more open!

Worth listening to a special person who made being #vulnerable#inspirational and life changing 🙂 Thanks to Brené Brown & Lewis Howes!
Check out this cool episode:!

Excited to share #Nissim at Sinai Indaba in South Africa! We already have requests for more speaking ops so book fast and be #wokenup with #truth for the #happynewyear #Lemala!

Sinai Indaba is an annual Torah convention of the foremost international Jewish leaders and thinkers. See more at:
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Freedom & Kindness keys to not Passover #inspired! In 3 Parts!


Kindness is the key to have a Kosher Passover #inspired!  “It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”
Keep growing, Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW! Listen to Rabbi Sacks to be an inspiring parent!

Pesach is a time of seeking out Freedom being saved from slavery to selfishness and negativity. We all have the ability to live with more kindness and dedication to positive goals. Please see our post and choose your kind cause to give to this Pesach. Education and Children our the Special Future that we must prepare for futurespecialeducation
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This isn’t political this is #inspired especially as Midnightrabbi inspires is featuring #unity style! Please vote 😀

Follow Billy, an anti-semite, who discovers Israel from a whole new angle!
20170118_004412For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.” So here is mine!
Keep #growing #inspired,
Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW…/autonomy Good preps for #Passover all! And be kind Future SpecialEd – FS Education!

Tribute to a role-model Rabbi Sacks, prev. Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, a fellow Englishmen!


Being from London, United Kingdom we must pay #tribute to a real #inspiration Rabbi Lord Sacks, prev. Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and Mazel tov to his #successor Chief Rabbi Mirvis with all the blessings!
Thanks Sir David Frost for a great interview!

Watch The Installation of Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis as Chief Rabbi

Mazel Tov Chief #Rabbi Jonathan Sacks one of the great leaders and inspiration of English Jews and People everywhere. Going beyond to influence the way towards good even more now beyond your office in England. Sincerely appreciated from an English Jew in Israel, A #Spirit of Unity and Peace coming to the #HolyLand!

Please watch to
-From the P.M. of England and prev. P.M.’s Praise to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, with important address in the Bet Shemesh, Israel community on the topic of “#KiddushHashem in a Complicated World!

Our English speaking students from Beit Shemesh Educational Center attended the imp. meeting and were truly inspired here and look forward to our next opportunity. The Truth is with us online

Kedoshim (5774) – Followership to this weeks Emor (5774)<-

The Jewish community could not exist for a day without its volunteers!

ARTICLE: The Jewish community could not exist for a day without its volunteers from  the Chief Rabbi , Rabbi Sacks!
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Among the memories I cherish of an unforgettable Olympic summer was the way 70,000 volunteers transformed the mood of London, turning it for a while into a more gracious place. Helpful, courteous, smiling, they seemed to symbolise the better angels of our nature. Members of my local synagogue who volunteered told me what a privilege they felt it to be, even though it involved long hours and meant missing the Games themselves. It was a reminder of a truth we sometimes forget, that the greatest untapped source of renewable energy is altruism. People want to give.

Volunteering has been undervalued in Britain for a long time. Often it has been seen as a kind of cut-price, amateur version of work that would be better done by the State. When politicians speak about it, people hear in the background the sound of budgets being cut. But voluntary work is actually something else altogether. It is an expression of shared responsibility for common good. It is personal engagement in pursuit of an ideal. It is active citizenship of the highest order. It softens the contours of random fate. It tells us that not all compassion can be paid for by taxes and outsourced to government agencies. A society in which there are high levels of voluntary activity will simply be a better, happier place than one where there are not. Ask any volunteer and they will usually tell you that they gain more than they give. They don’t do it for recognition. They do it because they know volunteering helps change the world because it changes us.

Jews know this in their bones. Our community could not exist for a day without its volunteers. They are the lifeblood of our organisations, whether they involve welfare, youth, education, care of the sick and elderly, or even protection against violence and abuse. It’s a tradition going back twenty-six centuries to the Babylonian exile when, for the first time after achieving statehood, Jews found themselves without a land or home of their own. They were without rights or power. They knew that if they were to maintain a communal infrastructure, they would have to do it for themselves. So began a tradition of voluntary collective responsibility that sustained Jews through centuries of exile and dispersion during which, always and everywhere, they were a minority, usually vulnerable and often desperately poor.

In medieval Europe wherever you found a community of Jews you would also find a dense network of chevrot, “fellowships,” for every conceivable purpose: food and clothing for the poor, dowries for poor brides, medical attention for the sick, burial of the dead, support for the bereaved, assistance for the unemployed or incapacitated, and a system of education – schools and adult classes – unrivalled elsewhere. It was driven by the twin principles laid down by the pre-Christian sage Hillel: “If I am not for myself, who will be? But if I am only for myself, what am I?” It was, in essence, a voluntary welfare state, and it gave rise to habits of the heart that still mark Jewish communities today.

No less significant than the Jewish experience is what happened in Britain and America in the nineteenth century. These were societies undergoing profound transformation. It was the age of industrialisation, in which people were moving from countryside to town, villages to cities, living and working in cramped, insanitary conditions. The results were there for anyone to see: disrupted communities, dysfunctional families, neglected and abandoned children, alcoholism, domestic abuse and street violence, the world of Dickens’ novels that troubled the consciences of social reformers.

The response in both countries was extraordinary: an unprecedented proliferation of charities, voluntary associations and friendly societies, focussing on neglected groups in society: children, widows, the poor, the sick and the uneducated. Charities could be found establishing schools, hospitals, almshouses, orphanages, shelters for the homeless and “settlements” like Toynbee Hall in deprived urban areas. The effect was to strengthen civil society and humanize fate at a time when the benefits of economic growth were unevenly distributed. Alexis de Tocqueville, writing in the 1830s, rightly saw volunteering – he called it “the art of association” – as an essential part of “the apprenticeship of liberty.” Too much dependence on the state, he believed, would undermine the health of democratic freedom.

We are going to need something similar in the twenty-first century as our social needs outrun our ability to pay for them through taxation. But the case for volunteering is only secondarily economic and political. Fundamentally it is moral and ethical. Strong states need strong societies, and the difference between them is that the State uses legislation and coercion; society uses altruism and empathy. The first supplies needs; the second changes lives. Whether our slogan is “the big society” or “one nation,” we will only get there by getting up and taking part. Giving is what makes a nation great.

If you would like to volunteer please click here when you are here in Israel -> visit-program-sites-this-vacation!