#Unity of Joy is the key to the 3 weeks!

The Mitzvos did/done properly with joy and a good heart bring huge Unification to all the worlds!

Gary Vaynerchuk aka #GaryVee is leading the way #inspired HR style, so really care where it’s at! This is the HR the human heart is the key part!

In San Francisco for HR Tech World Keynote, where I talk about the importance of culture in a company and how politics in an organization takes away from pro…
Gary Vee Knowledge, Tom Bilyeu, Tim Ferriss, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins and many more have #inspired me to massive action!
I have been blessed to work in #CustomerService and #Development for the past few years!
I am happy to announce today I was given the new job of Customer service manager at cellularisrael.com.
My goal is to #inspire myself with our employees to wow, assist and provide caring proactive service!
Please G-d, may we all share good news, I have to finish off my previous vocation and then it’s time to rock & roll in Jerusalem, Israel again!
Email for Eli G for your phone specialists and great deal – eligcellularisrael@gmail.com
The Experts in Israeli Cellphones.
Office: USA:718-289-0195 Israel: 072.224.3300
Fax Israeli: 1532.587.9031

Unity Inspires

We are inspired to be turned from sadness to true Joy! Help me create our #Unityprojects! Email unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com for your project!

Enjoyed Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at NYU for his advice on #TEDTalk the #unified focusTedTalk!

It’s a fateful moment in history. We’ve seen divisive elections, divided societies and the growth of extremism — all fueled by anxiety and uncertainty. “Is there something we can do, each of us, to be able to face the future without fear?” asks Rabbi Lord…TED.COM
Our #children deserve a true #peacefulFuture SpecialEd – FS Education! With a pause in remembrance is when #Mashiach comes!
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@Ari Lesser #inspired#educational post about the fast day! Working while fasting is needing some Blues!

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